About Darrell

I have been a college professor for most of my adult life – in Ukraine, Scotland and Illinois. The research I do and the books I have written explore work, faith and life’s meaning where the two intersect.

In 2016, due to ‘resource reallocation’, I was told that my faculty position of 10 years would be no more. After a year of failed job interviews, crippling fear, getting rid of most of our things and selling our house, my wife convinced me to ‘take to the road’ and live ‘for a year or so’ in the Skylark, a new to us 21’ camper.

By volunteering in National and State Parks for ‘free’ camping, and by researching, freelance writing, online teaching, leading workshops and doing whatever we can to ‘make a living’, we are piecing together a new life and adding more tales to the one story that is our life together and with God.

And no less important, we are seeing if I really believe what I claimed in my books, and whether, on this work and play byway, we can find beauty and meaning – and oh yea – help others find the same in the stories along their byways.